Spotlight on Altona Green Primary

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This week we spoke with Principal Karen O’Dowd from Altona Green Primary about their experiences with Konnective. They launched Konnective in their school at the end of August 2013.

1. How did you get your parents on board with Konnective initially?

After our first discussion with Konnective we met with staff and parents on our Public Profile Group and Parent Action Team. Having their endorsement on top of the communication about Konnective coming from the office really helped get traction within the school community.

We gave parents a deadline by which to get back to us if they didn’t want to be involved with Konnective, and we also set up a time in the library to help parents download the app. 
Now we make a point of continually raising awareness of Konnective. Whenever the office is interacting with a parent they ask if they’ve signed up for Konnective and if they haven’t, they provide instructions or assist them in doing so.
The group that have been slowest to come on board are some of our staff, but we think that over time this will change.

We are also considering running some competitions for those who have not yet connected. We are asking them to sign up by a particular date to go into the draw to win school uniform vouchers.

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2. How do you come up with ideas for the content that you post?

We were thinking of ideas for content and what groupings we want to have before we did the training. We put ourselves in the shoes of our parents and staff and think about what they would find useful, or what they would want to hear. We post something onto Konnective every couple of days, and have added it into the broader mix of how we communicate with our parents. Currently what goes into the newsletter also goes out via Konnective, there is overlap at the moment while we introduce Konnective to more parents.

We have found Konnective to be particularly useful for content that is timely or alert-based, promotional (publicise events) or engagement-related in nature (ie school camp photos). It is also useful for information such as school policy changes which parents need to be aware of, we send an alert via Konnective then direct parents to further information on our website.

3. What advice would you give schools just starting out with Konnective?

There was nothing that we would have done differently. I would say the most important factor in making Konnective a success is to get buy-in and awareness of Konnective amongst parents and staff before launching to the broader school community.