Beyond engagement - improving workforce efficiency with Konnective

employee app

Building a business case for an employee communication platform can be hard. With many tools simply focusing on improving engagement it’s difficult to measure success and justify costs.

To cut through the hype of employee engagement and add genuine value to a business, an employee app needs to improve business efficiencies, which is where Konnective comes in.

Konnective is designed to go far beyond surface level engagement and actively works to improve internal processes and overall efficiency, not just saving time, but also your business’s bottom line.

The benefits here are two-fold. You can streamline internal communication procedures across your entire business while also building a case for the platform by highlighting where we’ll save you money and actually generate a return on investment.

There are many benefits to a mobile employee communication platform, and while driving engagement with employees is an important focus, let’s look at some of the ways we’ve turned a messaging app into a crucial business tool. 

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Filling shifts

One of the biggest efficiencies that Konnective tackles is the process of filling shifts.

Across many industries, finding staff to fill in shifts when there has been a last minute change or someone has called in sick is a constant issue. Managers and employees are forever phoning and messaging around just to find someone to come into work.

We make this process a lot simpler. Instead of people individually calling staff or sending text messages, it’s simply a matter of sending out a Konnective message. Staff can either call in or respond directly via the app if they’re available. Simple!

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Rich content that serves a purpose

Don’t just tell employees what’s happening – show them. Konnective lets you send links, attach documents and add images as well as sending polls and surveys.

Great uses for this are sending employees directly through to your website or internal systems where they can stay up to date with the latest programs, log in to view payslips or complete online training.

Repeatedly sharing individual links or reminding employees to visit specific sites is time consuming and frustrating, which is why our platform is designed to let you share the type of content you need with the right employees instantly. 

Collect employee feedback

Centralise feedback and hear what your employees want in real time. With our dynamic form builder you can capture any data you need from your employees. Staff availability, RSVPs, polls, surveys – the options are endless!

By making your organisation’s feedback loop simple and continuous, you can cut down dramatically on disruptive staff meetings and ad hoc discussions at every level. Let your people have their opinions heard and get back to the task at hand.

Right message, right people

Our communications can be broken up into targeted groups, or ‘Feeds’, so that messages are always relevant to recipients.

Feeds can be setup in any way you like. It could be by region or division, by store or location – the choice is completely up to you. This helps avoid employees becoming overwhelmed with content, keeping the platform useful, engaging and above all, efficient for everyone.

Beyond Feeds, you can send personalised or direct messages. Every user has their own login and you control who receives every message, meaning company-wide announcements, localised updates and individual communications all live on the same platform. 

Data, data, data

Take the guesswork out of which content works and get it right every time.

Konnective provides comprehensive reporting to see how engaged employees are with your content. We have a range of statistics on active users, message opens and much more so you can be absolutely certain of what your employees want to hear.


From day one, we set out to provide a employee app solution that cuts the chatter and improves efficiency across the board. If you’re interested in seeing how Konnective can improve your workforce’s productivity, get in touch or set up a free 30-day trial