Government funding for 50 Victorian schools

We're extremely pleased to announce the Konnective Schools initiative.  The full media release is below.

Friday 5 July 2013

Coalition Government supports new app to help schools stay connected with families

A new smartphone application that allows schools to securely send event alerts, notices and photos directly to parents’ smartphones was today announced by Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips and Minister for Education Martin Dixon.

Mr Rich-Phillips said Melbourne based IT company, Konnective, has received funding to deliver the Konnective Schools project as part of the Victorian Coalition Government’s new ICT Strategy.

“The application allows messages to be sent to targeted groups, enabling multiple feeds to be sent by grade, class or specific event – a move that could avoid some of the pitfalls of sending notes home in school bags and enable schools to utilise the latest technology,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

Konnective has been awarded the funding to undertake a trial of their smartphone application in 50 Victorian government schools over two years.

Mr Rich-Phillips said participants in the trial will be drawn from a mix of metropolitan, regional and rural schools and will cover pre-school through to secondary school level.

“Introducing this application will save time for schools by streamlining the communications processes, as well as reducing printing and paper costs,” Mr Rich-Phillips said.

Education Minister Martin Dixon welcomed what he called a fantastic resource for students, staff and families alike.

“I encourage all schools to explore the way new technologies and communication channels can provide parents and guardians with direct and immediate access to information,” Mr Dixon said.

The Konnective Schools project strongly aligns with the objectives of the Victorian Government’s ICT Strategy – a strategy that provides high-level direction on the design and use of information and communication technology to deliver better government services.

The Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) has also confirmed its support of the project by participating in the project advisory group, assisting with project evaluation and providing guidance to participant schools on safe and responsible use of technology.

Schools can register their interest or find out more information at