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Discover how Konnective helps aged-care experts Benetas provide consistent nursing care.

MEDIA RELEASE: November 2015 

Benetas is tackling the nursing staff demand crisis in aged-care through technology. Initially motivated by cost savings, aged-care provider Benetas changed their SMS for employee messaging app Konnective and discovered hidden benefits, including consistent care for residents from people they know and trust.

The positive change is the result of improving the methods they used to communicate with staff. 

Benetas replaced their SMS system with secure messaging app Konnective in August 2014 to help fill vacant staff shifts.

Konnective is a secure messaging app for businesses. It uses the device staff have on them all the time – their smartphone. Nurses and other Benetas staff download a free app onto their phone and then receive messages from their workplace targeted to their role or location.

Each SMS costs per message and increases with the number of users. Arpi Cseh, Benetas information technology and communications manager, suggested a change. Implementing Konnective would mean a savings of more than $15,000 per year for the smallest of Benetas’ 13 facilities, Gladswood Lodge (with 65 staff). There was a surprising hidden benefit.

“The computer-based SMS system was costing $44 per day and increasing as we added more staff,” says Paula Gibb, former residential facility manager at Gladswood Lodge, West Brunswick.  “But [with the introduction of Konnective] we also saved on average $13,000 a month in staff agency fees.”

The huge savings were higher than expected. Sending targeted group messages improved communication. It significantly reduced office staff time and effort. Plus Benetas staff could respond quickly, so expensive agency staff were not needed to fill vacant shifts.  

“If it is a team leader shift that is needed, you use Konnective to only message team leaders. If a kitchen-hand shift is needed, messages are sent only to kitchen hands,” Gibb says. “In the past, staff used to receive irrelevant messages.”

Benetas nursing staff are reaping the rewards of knowing they can get extra shifts if they need them by downloading Konnective to their smartphone and staying in touch. 

Benetas see the most important benefit of all is for the residents. “Residents receive consistent nursing care from people they know and trust.”

Download the full case study here.