Filling vacant shifts

One of the fascinating parts of working at Konnective is seeing how different people, businesses and industries use Konnective. There are so many different ways!

One particular use we are seeing more and more is the process of filling shifts. Across many industries there is the perennial issue of finding staff to fill in shifts when there has been a last minute change or someone has called in sick. Around the globe at this moment there are literally millions of people on the phone and texting messages to try and find someone to come into work.

Konnective is making this process a lot simpler. Instead of people individually calling staff or sending text messages, it’s a simple matter of sending out a Konnective message:

“Hello all, looking to fill 07.00 - 13.30 on Wed and Thurs, 22/04 & 23/04 this week. If you can help, please respond/call asap. Thank you."

Staff can either call in or respond directly via the app if they’re available.

It’s simple and it’s working.