Keeping everyone in the loop

Today's family continues to change from what is was a few decades ago.  In many families, both parents work outside the home.  There's an increasing number of nannies who I see dropping off and picking up the kids from school or taking them to sports training.  Grandparents are also getting involved in much greater numbers to help share the load.

The challenge is how to keep eveyone informed.  Paper notices sometimes don't make it to their final destination and it's difficult to pass that information along to those who need it, particularly in families with more than one household.

Using a mobile app to communicate offers a host of advantages over the traditional means:

  • More timely communication: Using an app to communicate with parents has the advantage of immediacy.  School assembly has changed? Training is cancelled? Sending out a quick alert can have major benefits.
  • Secure communication: Because Konnective provides a secure way to communicate, it means that only those people that should see the information can acces it.  This gives greater confidence when sharing photos (something parents love!), without the privacy concerns.
  • Communication is quick: For school staff and administrators anything that can lessen the load is beneficial.  To be able to send a quick alert or reminder and know that it will reach the intended audience can save many phone calls to the office.  Not to mention the time saved in putting out a paper communication.
  • Relevant communication: Parents will take more notice when they know that they are only receiving communication that's relevant to them.  By using the feeds within Konnective, messages can be targeted just to those that need it.