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In an aged care environment, communicating with families has never been so important. Being able to communicate proactively with family members to assure them of their loved one's care and wellbeing is paramount.

Konnective provides one platform that lets you quickly and easily communicate not only with your staff but with the families of your residents.

Secure and private communiction

Having more and regular communication with your families builds trust and confidence. Things happen on a daily basis around your centre and it's important to be proactive in communicating to families. Konnective provides a way to keep all families up to date about what's happening and reinforces the quality of care being provided. Families will feel more engaged and feel greater affinity with your facility.

Reduce the calls

Situations can change quickly in an aged care facility. Konnective gives you a way to communicate with families in real time with minimal effort. 

Communicate visitor procedures and limits, day to day happenings and assure families of the care of their loved ones.

Proactive communication can reduce the number of calls to your facility dramatically.

Engage and inform

Much better than emails and far cheaper than text messages, Konnective lets you include links, attach documents, add images or send polls and surveys.

Each time you send a message, registered family members are sent a push notification (just like a text message) so they know there's a new message for them.

Targeted and relevant communication

Konnective lets you setup groups (we call them feeds) so you can communicate to families in the most target and relevant way. If you have multiple sites or premises, it's easy to setup specific feeds so that your messages are always relevant to those that receive them.

Simple administration

Our secure web-based administration system allows Facility Managers or Administrators to send messages, setup groups and control membership. It's very easy to use with no prior knowledge of app or IT knowledge required.

Konnective doesn't require any integration with your existing IT (although we can if you need), so our solution can be very quick to implement.

Free app for families

Available on iPhone, Android, the web and email.

Family members download the Konnective app from the App Store or Google Play, register and are up and running. Available for iPhone and Android with a web version available for people without a smartphone. People can also elect to receive their messages via email.

There's no limit to the number of people per family that can register. Everyone who wants to can have messages sent to their phone.

Full support and assistance

We will work with you every step of the way to provide training and to help you launch Konnective. The process is very simple, so you can be up and running, communicating with families in a very short space of time.

Setup your own free trial. It takes just a few minutes. Get 30 days free access to the Konnective solution.

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